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Welcome! Adness Entertainment (LLC founded in 2007) specializes in television entertainment, including the hit series Kamen Rider. For more information about our company and how a television production company operates, visit this Wikipedia page.

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Television production companies may not get much attention, but they are the behind-the-scenes stars that bring your favorite TV shows to life! We want to thank you taking an interest in us and visiting our website. We are glad to provide you with the scoop on all the interesting aspects that go into making a television show.


It all begins with an idea. The creator of a show will come up with an idea, but it is the job of the writing team to keep that idea moving forward week after week (for a television series). Alternately, for a feature film, the writer(s) will craft a script for the actors to play out on film.

Set Design

Set design provides the backdrop and props for the actors to interact with. Some of this, though, is taken care of with computer-generated imagery (CGI) special effects. The show, Kamen Rider, makes good use of these special effects.


There are many different genres, but unless they are a cartoon they need to be filmed! The filming process takes a lot longer than many realize but is really where all the ideas of the writers, director, and crew come together to craft the raw material for editing.


Once filming is finished, the editing process begins. During filming the crew will record many shots from different angles with different interpretations on the script by the actors, on other variations of bringing the script to life. All these takes are then looked over by the director and the film editor to decide which ones to use and how to put them all together. Most of what is filmed never gets used, but now you can see a lot of this footage in the “deleted scenes” section of or DVDs.


Once the show has finished editing the final cut has to be distributed to all the television station’s main headquarters that will be airing the show. For example, if the CW network is airing the show, the distribution team for our television show would send that to the appropriate representative at CW and they would then send it out to all the local stations for airing. Then you get to see you favorite TV show!

These are the basics of what goes into making a television show. It may be a little different for feature films and commercials, but the process is very similar. Many parts of the production process have been left out, as entire books have been written to describe everything in detail. But, we wanted to provide a brief summary of how it works for those who are interested. Thank you for visiting our Adness Entertainment website!

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