How to Learn Korean As Quickly As Possible: Kpop and Kdramas

The popularity of Korean entertainment may have started with Psy’s “Gangam Style” but the trend seems to be sticking well with new artists. Across the globe, more and more people are drawn in into the Kpop craze (also called the Hallyu wave).

There are many different styles of Korean pop music, each with their own musical styles and fashion. But, generally, they are all referred to as Kpop. The stars are called Kpop “idols” and everyone wants to get a glimpse of their latest fashion.

korean pop


There are many different styles of Korean clothing. There is airport fashion, stage wear, and city clothing aplenty to keep the Kpop fans always interested in the new looks and styles. Kpop outfits has become a global phenomenon that includes clothes, makeup, and other types of Korean music and products.

The filming and distribution logistics for Korean entertainment products are fairly simple as the Korean government is very much a part of the global industry as you can see here:

Korean movie stars and singers are now even staring in US-made films. Rain, a huge star in Korea, recently starred in the hit action movie Ninja Assassin. He continues to land roles in American Movies as a result of that films’ success.

learning the korean languageIn addition to Korean makeup and clothes, another aspect of Korean culture that is making headway in the United States is the Korean language. There are many Korean TV shows like Boys Over Flowers, Running Man, She Was Pretty, We Got Married, and much more that have fans all over the world. Most people watch their favorite Korean shows with subtitles. But, when you watch enough, you can’t help but pick up a few phrases.

Many Kpop fans are now learning the Korean language so that they can understand their favorite songs and shows more. They progress very quickly because it doesn’t really feel like work. It’s actually fun! Learning Korean is surprisingly simple compared to other languages.

hangulThe Korean alphabet, called Hangul, is actually very new compared to other languages. It was invented several centuries ago by a Korean king who wanted the people to have their own language, independent of the government that was over them at the time. So, he designed a Korean alphabet that is intentionally easy to learn and understand:

korean alphabet

Thanks to this, Americas find it much easier to learning Korean than other eastern Asian languages, which tend to be very difficult for non-native speakers. There are a variety of programs to learn Hangul and, Hanguk, the spoken language. Rocket Korean is a popular one, but there are a variety of others like Rosetta Stone found here:

As many have found, learning Korean may be a challenge. But, if you have the right motivation, you enjoy it, and you have a good teacher, you will be speaking fluently before you know it. So, enjoy your Korean fashion, kpop music, kdramas, and anything else that helps you practice your Korean. Listening will help you tremendously to fine-tune your listening skills and be able to pronounce your words well.

korean dramas

If you are interested in learning Korean, please leave us a comment below and let us know about it! We always like to hear how our customers and clients are interacting with our international filming projects.

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