Adness Expanding Into Kpop and Korean Fashion Industry

Hello there! Adness Entertainment is venturing off into the Korean wave! Korean dress, music, or K-pop, has become extremely popular all over the world. It all started with PSY and his hit song, Gangnam Style, which blew up on YouTube and made a big splash in the entertainment industry. This unprecedented hit on YouTube had never had that many views on a single video before. Also, this is one of the few times that a song has been a crossover hit all over the globe and was not even bothered to be translated into individual languages. The Korean language itself serves the song well enough to where it didn’t need any translating.

Kpop Expanding Thanks to the Internet

As people are looking to the internet more and more to satisfy their entertainment needs, people are becoming more accepting of entertainment from other countries and more open to music and other forms of entertainment in other languages. Kpop fashion is one of these areas especially. Korean clothing brands, fashion, and entertainment has dominated the Asian market for years now and is now spreading to other countries as well. Korean fashion continues to rival Tokyo for its fashion sense and cutting-edge trends in clothing.

Adness Entertainment Joining Korean Fashion and Entertainment

Kpop, or Korean pop, is famous all over the world, including Europe, South America, and all over Asia. Many Kpop artists are more famous in Japan than they are in their own country of Korea. This is why Adness Entertainment is very happy to be joining in as part of the Korean fashion and entertainment industry.

We will be producing more content for people who are into Korean fashion and pop music. Kpop fashion is extremely versatile and diverse as there is everything from stage where to airport fashion. Korean fashion can be seen everywhere from Korean dramas to music videos to simple streetwear. The Korean artist and actors are seen everywhere in Seoul, South Korea and therefore their fashion, both casual and for on stage, are a big part of the fashion industry.

We hope that this will continue to move forward as we love Korean fashion and Kpop, and that this entertainment will continue to facilitate Koreans branching off into markets in other parts of the world.

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